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Teaser Production Crew

Jan R Gerards.jpg

Jan Gerards


Jan Gerards is passionate about working on high impact projects that benefit humanity and incorporate the latest in science and technology. He has 8 years of video production experience including directing, producing, videography and writing. A polymath by nature, Jan Gerards also has 18 years of experience in technology and currently is the CTO of a Recycling technology company and the CEO of an Artificial intelligence startup. As a Writer he can find inspiration and solutions given his deep knowledge in the world of cutting edge sustainable technology. As a Producer he harnesses his experience as a Founder and Executive in his startups.

Rocky Ramniceanu


Alex "Rocky" Ramniceanu is a published photographer and video producer/creative director with brand-name experience producing beautiful content for clients, influenced by 15+ years working in several disciplines including entertainment, brand marketing, music, film, industrial engineering and finance. He is an outside-the-box thinker with expert knowledge and success within event design + production, entertainment marketing, and entertainment experience creative direction. Alex is passionate about promoting emerging ideas of a sustainable future through an entertaining medium that is accessible to young and old alike.


Robert Gilman


“Astrophysicist, co-founder of the Global Ecovillage Network, founder of Context Institute and In Context, a Quarterly of Humane, Sustainable Culture, local elected official, sustainable architecture movement cataylst and cultural-change thought leader – Dr. Robert Gilman is currently the organizer of the worldwide Bright Future Network.”


Diana Leafe Christian


Diana Leafe Christian, author Creating a Life Together speaks at conferences, offers consultations, and leads workshops internationally. Topics include the tools and processes that help forming ecovillages succeed, and Sociocracy, She contributed chapters to Eurotopia, the Communities Directory in the US, the Gaia Education books Beyond You and Me and Gaian Economics, and the GEN anthology Ecovillages: 1001 Ways to Heal the Planet. She is on the Board of GEN-US and GEN-North America.


Olivia Ildefonso

Olivia Ildefonso is a racial justice and anti-capitalist activist based in New York. Her activism focuses on the connection between school segregation and capitalism.

Ben Norman

david C.jpg

Ben is an accomplished cinematographer, director and video producer based in New York, originally from London.

David Cocciante


David is a multidisciplinary art director and graphic designer. He grew up in Italy with a French cultural background and currently lives in New York.


Aitor Etxebarria


Born in Guernica in 1985, Aitor combines electronic and acoustic instruments with a primary focus on pianos and synthesizers, coupled with recordings which range from post-rock depressive landscapes to minimalistic ambient scenarios.

A learned percussionist, pianist and a vintage gear collector, Etxebarria is a lover of repetitions with a passionate obsession. With his debut work on the film score for the acclaimed original soundtrack of “Markak”, Aitor has opened a new era after his enigmatic years behind the alias of El_Txef_A.


CJ Vallely


CJ "Ninjaneerz" Vallely - student of sonic inventions and unified physics. From stadium to studio, he has cut teeth with the industries finest in efforts to honor the legacy of engineering mastery and infuse it into the generations to come.

Bobert Sauchelli.jpeg

Robert Sauchelli


Bob Sauchelli is one of the originators of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Buildings program where he worked to successfully create a market for energy efficient commercial buildings in the United States. Prior to joining ENERGY STAR Buildings, Bob was Executive Vice President of Environmental Energy Efficiency Services, Inc. a New York based energy efficiency services company.

Boudwijn Bertsch


Boudewijn believes in inclusive leadership development: working with intact teams, and using small and large scale group interventions, to quickly enable people to make the changes to which they aspire. He has been a trusted advisor and faculty member designing and delivering executive education for ING Bank Academy and the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University since the 1990s.

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